Bucket Saver, Never get Buckets Stuck Again! (4 pack)

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The Bucket Saver is a great product for home owners, contractors, painters, landscapers, outdoorsman, and many more. The Bucket Saver is a small item that can be looped around the handle of a bucket and placed on the flange of a bucket, allowing them to be stacked without the risk of them sticking. Anybody that has had buckets stick together knows what a pain it is to get them apart. The Bucket Saver savers users both time and money by allowing them to focus on the task rather than fighting those stuck buckets. Now buckets can be stacked neatly, saving space. When needed the user can just lift the top bucket and the Bucket Saver drops freely but stays attached to the bucket so you will never loose them. The Bucket Saver also reduces the chance of people injuring themselves with tools while trying to get the buckets apart.

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Hassle
  • Easy Stacking
  • Never Lose