22LR Target Pistol Magazine Loader (Hot Pink)

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FITS: S&W Victory - Ruger MKII, MKIII, and 22/45 - Browning
Buckmark - Beretta Neo

Along with function, these 22LR magazine loaders are
designed to be extremely comfortable and easy to use.
Designed to be used with different gripping styles which
allows users to find what works best and is comfortable
to them. These loaders are ergonomic and distributes
magazine spring forces, allowing for greater comfort and
faster loading.

•        Ergonomic and Comfortable
•        Small Size Factor fits in most Cases and Gear Bags
•        Saves Time
•        Saves Wear and Tear on your Thumbs
•        Makes Loading Fast and Easy
•        Variety of Colors
•        Made of High Strength Polymer
•        Designed and Made in USA