Marlin Model 60 Slip On Charging Handle Extension

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This extended charging handle was
specifically designed for Marlin Model 60 rifles with curved charging handles. No
more bumping knuckles on the scope turrets!
This handle makes operating the bolt faster
and easier. The charging handle slides over the
existing lever and secures with a nylon tipped
set screw. There is no need to take the gun
apart! Attaches in roughly 2 minutes.

  • Easy to install, 2 minutes
  • Looks Great on Rifle
  • Design is Very Secure and Wont Slip
  • Does not Scratch or Mar Gun
  • No rifle disassembly required
  • Made of High Strength Polymer
  • Designed and Made in USA

Instructions: Start threading the included nylon tipped
set screw into the charging handle. Slide the new
handle over the existing bolt charging handle. Once
on, tighten the set screw to secure.