"Off Eye" Scope Eye Blinder System

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Off Eye is a blinder system that allows
shooters to leave both eyes open while
shooting. Off Eye is an asset for shooters of all
experience levels. Great for those with
opposite eye dominance and other eye issues
or disorders.
Mount stays on the scope and can be placed
in any gun case. Foam blinder card is easily
placed on mount when ready to shoot. User
can cut custom blinder shapes and sizes to
suit their personal preference or use the
included blinder card.
  • Look through Scopes with Both Eyes Open
  • Conforms to Size of Rear Scope Objective
  • Fits nearly all Shooting Scopes
  • User Can Cut a Custom Blinder Card to
    any Size and Shape Desired
  • Mount Attaches Easily and Securely with
    Normal Zip Ties
  • Allows Shooter to Relax Face Muscles and
  • Great for Shooters with Opposite Eye
    Dominance or Any other Eye Issues
  • Two Units can be Mounted to Scope at
    Same time
  • Includes Free Example Blinder Card and
    two Mounting Zip Ties
  • Designed and Made in USA
Mounting Instructions:
Place the mount on whichever side your prefer
(opposite side of scope looking eye). Loop the
zip ties around the mount and rear scope
objective to secure. The zip tie head should be
towards the bottom on the scope objective.
Cut the zip ties flush with zip tie head. Slide
the blinder card into the mount groove.
Blinder Customizing:
Users can create any size and shape blinder
card desired. Use the included example
blinder card as a template for the diameter to
cut along. 3mm thick closed cell foam or
hobby foam works great for making blinder