Quick Change Squirmy Worm, Heavy, Size 6 Hook

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Bringing a favorite fly fishing lure over to open water fishing! Why? Because it works! Our Quick Change Squirmy Worm lure allows you to change worm colors and lengths quickly and easily. A custom sized keeper spring along with a silicone band holds worm tight when pulled yet releases easily when pulled with finger nail! You can also attach feathers, fur, or whatever you want making your own custom lure combination! Kids will love fishing with what they find!

  • Change Colors Quickly
  • Change Lengths Quickly
  • Change Tail Style Quickly (We Recommend Dual Tail for Crappies, see Picture)
  • Comes with 1 Quick Change Head, 2 Bands, 3 Squirmy Worm Strands (enough to make 6 Squirmy Worms!)
  • Fishing weight is 1/18oz