"Talon" Charging Handle for Ruger MKII Pistols

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This charging handle was specifically
designed for Ruger MKII pistols with a non
tapered bolt grip. The handle is extremely
comfortable and makes charging the pistol
very easy and fast! Secures with included
screw and locknut.

  • Easy to install
  • Looks Great on Pistol
  • Design is Very Secure and Wont Slip
  • Does not Scratch or Mar Gun
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Made of High Strength Polymer
  • Designed and Made in USA

Instructions: Pull the bolt / slide rear and lock. Slide
the charging handle over the top. Place the bottom
plate on the bottom with the rounded edges facing
down. Secure with the 2 #2 screws provided. Insert
the hex screw and locknut into the sides. Tighten
until roughly 2 threads of screw are past the lock nut.
Do not over tighten. --- To remove, loosen and remove
screw and locknut. Remove the bottom plate. Slide
the charging handle up.