"Talon" Charging Handle for S&W Victory Pistols

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This charging handle was specifically
designed for Smith and Wesson Victory
pistols. The handle is extremely comfortable
and makes charging the pistol very easy and
fast! Secures with included screw and locknut.

  • Easy to install
  • Looks Great on Pistol
  • Design is Very Secure and Wont Slip
  • Does not Scratch or Mar Gun
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Made of High Strength Polymer
  • Designed and Made in USA
Instructions:  Pull the bolt / slide rear and lock. Slide
the charging handle up from the bottom, aligning the
grooves. Insert the screw and locknut. Tighten until 1
or 2 threads of screw are past the lock nut. Do not
over tighten. Shoot about 30 rounds and loosen screw
and slide the charging handle down and then back up
into position. Tighten until 2 or 3 threads are past
locknut. Do not over tighten. This procedure helps to
seat the charging handle to your gun. --- To remove,
loosen and remove screw and locknut. Slide the
charging handle down.